Who we are

Bardury is a Danish owned, Cyprus based Project Management,
Engineering & Design Company and we provide services and solutions for
the Food Processing Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Leisure & Hotel
Industry & Construction Sector in Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent
and emerging markets in the Far East.

We have offices & Affiliates in Cyprus, Bahrain, Tanzania, Philippines &
About Us
What drive us
Bardury’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions of excellence conscious of the
social & cultural settings, environmentally and financially sustainable, technically and
creatively feasible to meet Clients expectations and requirements, on time and on

We strive to identify, assess and seek actively projects, where we can apply our maximum
range of skills, know-how and abilities and provide quality solutions, client satisfaction,
environmental responsibility, satisfactory financial returns, stability and development of
personal and collective skills.

Our aim is to strive for excellence and to always endeavor to achieve it, in our solutions
and in our professional and ethic standards.

We believe that creativity and viability goes hand-in-hand with consistency and
deliverability, that environmental consciousness and financial returns are complimentary,
that Clients ambitions and cultural and social expectations must form the core of any
solution of excellence.

Our origins are Scandinavian, our base European and our vocabulary truly international.
We draw on skills, cultures and experiences from around the world to provide the unique
Bardury solution of excellence.
We bring together consummate skills, professional integrity, international experience, local
understanding and real personality to create the unique Bardury solution and culture, which
is corporate and ambitious yet encouraging and conscientious, imaginative and practical.

From the interpretation of the project requirements through to final delivery, throughout our
teams listen, learn and work with you to turn your project ambitions into reality – on time
and on budget, while achieving your vision & goals.
What do we offer
With our technical & creative know-how deeply rooted in Scandinavia, our
European base, our local presences, our multi-national staff and our many
years’ experience & exposure to the areas and cultures within which we
operate, we provide our solutions of excellence for our Clients, locations
and markets.
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  • Management
  • Design